Fernando D. Howell Director of Facility and Space Planning, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services

Jessica A. Jonikas Associate Director, Department of Psychiatry, College of Medicine at Chicago

Jacob Mueller Director of Administrative Operations, College of Medicine at Chicago

Lina Naru Assistant University Librarian, University Library

Ana Lisa Ogbac Director of Donor Relations, College of Dentistry

Francisco Piña Director of Recruitment, Graduate College


Gillian Coombs Director, Faculty Affairs Dean's Office, College of Medicine

Elizabeth Herrera Asst. Director of Career Services, SPH Dean's Office

Steven Kragon Exec. Asst. Dean Graduate College

Karen Sholeen Assistant Dean LAS Dean's Office

Hugo Teruel Director, LARES Latin Amer Recruitment and Educ. Services LARES

Charu Thrakal Associate Director, Diversity Educational and Research Initiatives Office of Diversity


Jennifer A. Parsons Associate Director for Research Programs, Survey Research Laboratory

Christopher Peter Deegan Director, Study Abroad
Yesim Anter Project Coordinator, Physics
Kristine Jennifer Zimmermann Assistant Director, Center for Research on Women and Gender
Stephanie Joyce Whitaker Coordinator of Research Programs, Political Science
Andrea Marie Celerio Assistant Director, Women's Leadership & Resource Center



Monica L. Carney Director of Human Resources

Jackie L. Finch Interim Associate Dean for Finance and Administration, Office of the Dean, School of Public Health

Mark R. Martell Assistant Director, Office of Career Services

Sharon Ann Sanders Assistant to the Head, Department of Public Administration

David Taeyaerts Director, Campus Learning Environments

Susan Teggatz Director, Campus Housing



Ann Barnes Urban Planning and Policy

Rhea Begeman Center for Global Health

Marilyn Foster Kirk Office of Development

William Susinka Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs  


Tom Moss First-Year Writing Program 

Debra Simpson African American Academic Network 
Karen Su Asian American Resource and Cultural Center 
Stacie Williams Honors College


Nora Bonnin Office of International Affairs 

Ivone De Jesus Latino Cultural Center 
James Hammerschmidt Office of International Services 
Chris Mollet Office of Healthcare Management


Kimberly Clark Liberal Arts & Sciences

Erin Emerson Department of Psychiatry
William Rodriguez Office of Dean of Student Affairs
Marilyn Willis Institute for Health Research and Policy


Christina Copeland Child and Family Development Center

Heather Imrie Campus Advocacy Networ
Julie Kong Public Health
Josephine Volpe Office of Special Scholarship Program


Florencio Diaz Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science

Kevin O’Grady Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery
Beth Powers Honor College
Carolyn Williams Engineering


Kari A. Dueball Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science

Mary J. Hayden Physics
Vincent A. Paglione Architecture and the Arts
Albert J. Schorsch III College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs 


James E. Artwohl Biologic Resources Laboratory

Terri G. Kaisling Craniofacial Ambulatory Service
Janet I. Madia Honors College
Jennifer M. Rowan Office of the Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs


William S. Bike College of Dentistry

Gregory S. Pittsley Office of the Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs
Jill A. Tarzian Sorenson Office of Technology Management
James J. Wiet Energy Resources Center 


Barbara A. Schechtman James Addams College of Social Work

Rebecca E. Gordon Office of Women’s Affairs
Michael J. Chimack Energy Resources Center
Byron E. Helms Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research 


Brooke Bergan Publication Services

David L. Gulley Office of Technology Management
Diane Rudall Center for Molecular Biology of Oral Diseases
Luis R. Vargas Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research


Athanasios D. Bournakis Energy Resources Center

Rodrigo Carraminana Latin American Culture Center
Julie E. Kaufman Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research
Dace Kezbers Communication


Caryn A. Bills Office of the Ombudsperson

John R. Cepek Publication Services
Margaret A. Lunde Health Policy Administration
Mark Valentino Dentistry



Thomas E. Glenn Engineering
Rosemary Mango Division of Specialized Care for Children

Anthony J. Parisi College of Medicine, Peoria
June Reich Registration and Records
Celina Sima Education


Judith L. Baxter Math, Statistics and Computer Science

Darlene Duke Crawford Counseling Center
Jeffrey D. Fortman Biological Resources Center
William D. Hane Chemistry
Hilda Lopez Student Affairs and Enrollment Management 


Robert L. Burger
Arlene Norsym Engineering

Karen Quinn Academic Center for Excellence
Barbara Zusman Data Resources and Institutional Analysis


Scott S. Bumgartner Nursing

Patricia A. Conway Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research
Carla Knorowski College of Liberal Arts and Science
John McBride Hospital Pharmacy Services 


Kathleen I. Collins Early Outreach Program

Mary Gatzman Institute for Mathematics and Sciences Education
Amy Levant Graduate College 


Catherine Brod Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences

Ruth Bentley Counseling Center
Jo Campbell Campus Housing


Nancy Butler Business Administration

Jalane Davidso Medicine
John Costa Chemistry
Elizabeth Vandercook External Affairs and Special Programs 


Paul Michaud Chemistry

Jane Whitener Conferences and Institute
Vincent Paglione Architecture and the Arts and Urban Planning  


Maxine Brown Electronic Visualization Lab

Mary K. Dresler Honors College
John C. Russell Pharmacy 


Ethel Caldwell Early Outreach Program

Marilyn J. Carlander Prevention Research Center
Leonard Ramirez Latin American Recruitment and Educational Services